Saving Indie Developers: Exclusive Promotion for Videogame and Board Game Dubbing and Localization

In recent years, the video game and board game industry has witnessed exponential growth, giving rise to a wide range of gaming experiences. However, one key element contributing to the success of a title is its accessibility and understanding by a global audience. For this reason, accurate localization and dubbing have become crucial for video game and board game developers. To support indie developers, an exclusive offer has been launched: “Saving Indie Developers.”

High-Quality Translation and Dubbing

The “Saving Indie Developers” offer commits to providing a high-quality service for both translation and dubbing. We understand the importance of preserving the creative integrity of the game while making it understandable and appealing to an international audience. Our professional translators and voice actors are experts in creating adaptations that respect the plot, tone, and original style of the game.

20% Discount for Indie Developers

Recognizing the financial challenges that indie developers may face, the offer includes a 20% discount on all localization and dubbing services. This discount aims to make high-quality solutions accessible even for those operating on more limited budgets. We are confident that every game deserves to be presented to a global audience in its best form, regardless of available resources.

Swift Delivery Times

We are aware of the importance of development timelines and release cycles in this dynamic industry. Our team is committed to delivering localization and dubbing services with fast turnaround times without compromising quality. Our operational efficiency is designed to seamlessly integrate with the game development stages, ensuring a smooth and timely process.

How to Access the Offer

To take advantage of the “Saving Indie Developers” offer, indie developers can contact us directly through our website or send an email to our dedicated team. A brief presentation of the ongoing project and verification of indie developer status will be required. Once approved, developers will have access to our high-quality service at discounted prices.


The “Saving Indie Developers” offer is a tangible commitment to supporting and valuing diversity and innovation in the world of video games and board games. Our mission is to make high-quality localization and dubbing services accessible, ensuring that every indie game can shine on the international stage. We are excited to collaborate with indie developers and contribute to the success of their unique and creative projects.

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