Daria De Falco

From a young age, Daria de Falco cultivated her passion for singing, embarking on studies in Operatic Singing that culminated in the attainment of her diploma. Her powerful and versatile voice led her to victory in numerous national and international competitions, paving the way for an eclectic artistic career.

Distinguishing herself on the stage as a soloist in theatrical performances accompanied by orchestras and pianos, Daria de Falco has left an indelible mark with her emotive voice and the ability to interpret various musical genres.

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Daria de Falco initially focused her expertise on operatic singing, later expanding her teaching scope to specialize in Pop and Jazz. Her dedication to helping students explore their voices in innovative ways has been a distinctive trait of her teaching career.

Beyond the realm of teaching, Daria de Falco has contributed to the theatre by overseeing vocal aspects for companies engaged in the production of musicals, adding her distinctive touch to each performance.

Following a television experience as a vocal coach, Daria de Falco continues to share her passion by teaching at the renowned Erixstudio.

Her artistic versatility extends to collaborating in the creation and arrangement of lyrics for video games and films produced by Erixstudio, showcasing her adaptability to various artistic contexts.

With a career rich in training, theatrical performances, teaching, and multidisciplinary collaborations, Daria de Falco remains a central figure in enriching the artistic landscape, bringing her unique voice and eclectic experience to every project she undertakes.

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